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The objetive of iGreenPort consist in the creation of a Dataspace for enviromental monitoring in SmartPort.

The Dataspace will collect geopositioned data of the sea water quality in near-real time, and AIS data, in order to have an early detection tool of pollution incident in sea water and investigate about the ships involved in the incidents.

IGreenPort solves 3 big challenges:

  • Current danger of extinction of Posidonia, due to water pollution in Port of Palma de Mallorca.
  • The existing solutions in Smartport are oriented towards efficiency but there are few solutions for environmental monitoring.
  • The sea water data in all port maritime areas does not exist in near real time, nor it is integrated with AIS data.

Aimed to

  • Port Authorities.
  • Coast Guards.
  • Other entities with marine environmental competences..

Data Services obtained from iGreenport Dataspace

  • Water quality dashboards.
  • Heat maps of port traffic and turbidity data.
  • Neted high frecuency AIS and turbidity data.
  • Port modeling based in water quality.
  • Water quality alarm system.
  • Reports with safety observations.

iGreenPort: towards a Green Port and SmartPort!

Article iGreenPort LGE number 80, page 67



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